Speaking Isn’t My Forté

It’s true. Growing up, I was never good at expressing myself verbally –specifically when emotions got in the way. Maybe that’s why I liked singing so much. I could express myself in a way that I liked and felt more comfortable with, even though I was plagued by stage fright. Sometimes, when I’m rattled (read anything but “calm”) I would be up in arms and it would be even more difficult for me to get my point across. As I got older, I got better at expressing myself but I still had difficulties. Then one day, I found another outlet to express myself emotionally -songwriting. I realized that sometimes, if I felt a certain way and didn’t know how to respond in the heat of the moment, that when I sat down later to write out my feelings, I could figure out what truly bothered me. I needed to take the time to reflect. That’s when I could knead those feelings, words and thoughts into a song that I feel could truly express myself in the best way possible.

That’s why speaking will never be my forté, I’m a way better songwriter 😉

Stay warm!

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